Select Software to Play AV Sequences

In this section you will learn to select the correct piece of software to display audio or video sequences. You will find that common software media players will play audio and video files. Commonly used media players include;

  • VLC media player: VLC is a free and open source multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CD, and various streaming protocols.
  • Windows Media Player: Windows Media Player is included as part of Windows operating systems and plays music and video files
  • iTunes: iTunes is included on Apple operating systems, but can be downloaded and installed free on to Windows operating systems. iTunes plays media files such as audio and video files.


For the following list of common audio and video media and software file types. Suggest the most suitable application for each type.

  1. DVD
  2. Audio CD
  3. mp3
  4. m4a
  5. wma
  6. wav
  7. mov
  8. avi

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