Using a Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse

Activity 1

Go to the BBC’s Website and have a go at the Beginner’s Guide To Using a Computer. During this online tutorial you will be asked to use the mouse and the keyboard and to carry out common computer operations.

Click here to start the Beginner’s Guide to Using a Computer.

Activity 2

This activity will let you practice your mouse, keyboard and screen skills. There are three online games. Click on the name of each game to start it.

Have a go at each of these to see how good your basic IT input skills are:

Studio 1

Cobweb Castle

Mouse skills

Studio 2


Keyboard skills

Studio 3

Find My Match

Screen skills

You can click here to find out more about the above three activities.

Activity 3

Have a go at the Sheep Game to see how good your mouse control really is.

Click here to have a go at the Sheep Game

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