General IT-Literate Careers

Office Workers

A working knowledge of computers and technology is required in all office jobs. Office workers are required to use computers to type business letters and other business correspondence such as invoices. Office workers are expected to be able to use computers to make them more efficient.

If you were to walk along the high street and go into the businesses that you find there it is quite likely that there will be a high level of computer usage. We will have a quick look at banks, travel agents and supermarkets.

Two Computer Users

Even before you walk into a bank you could choose to make use of an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to carry out your transaction by putting in your bank card and entering a four digit pin code for security. If autheticated you will be able to go to your account and check your balance or withdraw some money. If you need to do something that requires human intervention you can go into the bank to speak to a bank-teller, however, it is likely that the person you will be speaking to will be using a computer as well.

Two people talking

When you go into a travel agent you may wish to look through the colourful holiday brochures but you may also decide to use the internet to search for your holiday. Once you have chosen your holiday you will be able to talk to your travel agent about booking the holiday. The travel agent will probably make use of a computer that is part of a larger network of computers so that your holiday can be booked.

Filing Space

When you go into a supermarket it may appear that there are no computers in use until you get to the checkout, however, this is not the case. In the background computers are being used to help with stock control and to liaise with warehouses in order to get new stock delivered when needed.

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