The Main Parts of a Computer

Computer System

What is a Computer?

A computer is a machine that helps you to do different tasks. The most common type of computer is the Personal Computer (PC), often referred to as a Desktop Computer. You may have a PC at home, at school or in the office. Other types of computers include Laptops and Tablets. Even your Smartphone is a computer at heart.

The hardware of your computer is the physical machinery — the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse and so on

The Box

The ‘box’ part of a PC is called the system unit. It contains various parts that act together to make your computer work. Your system unit might be on your desktop, maybe with the monitor on top, or it might be a tower that sits on the floor, saving space on your desk top.

It might also be a laptop computer, which you can carry around with you.

Desktop Tower Laptop
 Desktop Computer  Tower Computer  Laptop Computer

You may also have a number of external things called peripherals (hardware that plugs into your computer), for example: a router or modem (a device that allows you to connect to the Internet), speakers, or a printer or scanner. We will look at some of these later.

Most new computers will have a combination CD-DVD drive. These allow you to save data to them, or back-up (this creates a saved copy of important data, in case something happens to your computer) files from your hard disk.

Software often comes on a CD-ROM, which you put into the CD drive to install (all software needs to be added onto your computer).

The back of the computer is where all the cables are fitted for your various input and output devices. Sometimes they may be on the side of your computer, like a Laptop.

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