The Keyboard


The keyboard is the main input device for the computer. Learning to use a keyboard is an essential part of learning to use a computer, as it is used to type text and give commands to the computer.

A computer keyboard has four areas.

The alphanumeric keyboard is the main area. It includes letters, numbers and the most common punctuation marks and symbols. This part of the keyboard is often called the QWERTY keyboard after the letters on the top row.


The function keys run in a straight line along the top of the keyboard, and perform different commands (instructions) for different programs.

Function Keys

The arrow keys (also known as the cursor keys) can be used in place of the mouse.

Arrow Keys

The number keypad is on the right hand side of the keyboard as the user faces it and contains a grid of number keys and another [Enter] key. This keypad is designed for people who work with numbers a lot. Most other people use the set of number keys above the character keys.

Numeric Keypad

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