Programs and Data

Google Docs Programs

Application programs allow you to perform some kind of task like word processing, desktop publishing, payroll and accounting tasks, or sending e-mail. Application software is often supplied with your computer, or you can buy it separately. Most offices use some kind of office suite (a collection of programs which have some common features and functions).

‘Productivity’ software is another name for applications you might use in work. For example, you would use a word processor to write letters and reports. Your manager might ask you to write a business letter, so it is important you know how the letter should be laid out.

Most companies have a standard way of laying out a letter with the company logo in the top right corner of the page and the person’s address details in the top left corner. You may have to add a signature at the bottom of the letter.

Spreadsheets are often used in business to keep track of financial information, accounts, payrolls, and so on. You put data into rows and columns, add up the columns or perform more complex calculations, then display your results as a graph or chart.

You may be asked to work with images to improve the ‘look’ of a document. Images are often used in desktop publishing software, or if you’re creating web pages. The size, colour and shape of images can be changed in the software and this can make the document look better.

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