Internet and the World Wide Web


The term Internet is short for international network and describes the collection of hardware, software and infrastructures that allow people to use their computers to communicate with other computer users all over the world and access internet services.

Perhaps the most famous Internet service is the World Wide Web (WWW). However, of all of the Internet services the WWW is the most recent. Other Internet services, such as, Remote Access, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), E-mail, Chat (IRC) and Newsgroups have all been around a lot longer.

World Wide Web

Although the WWW is a relatively new Internet service it is arguably the most popular, along with email. The WWW came about because of the work of Tim Berners-Lee, who developed a hyper text mark up language (html) and a computer program called a web server. The really special thing about the documents (web pages) that were written in html was that they contained hyperlinks which allowed for related documents to be connected.

An Intranet is a special type of LAN which operates like a mini internet for its users, for example, the staff within a college. An intranet allows users to access their network using a web browser which will let them get their email and other work just like they were using the web.

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