Computer Performance

ProcessorThe main features related to increasing computer performance are the computer’s processor and the computer’s memory (RAM).

There are many different processor types, speeds and number of processors available today and as a general rule computer performance is based upon the speed and number of processors that a device has.


The other factor that has a bearing on increased computer performance is the amount of RAM that is available to the system. As with the processor as a general rule performance will be better with the more RAM that is installed in the system.

Sometimes you can make your computer perform better, for example faster, if you put in a new processor or RAM chips. This is known as upgrading your computer.

If it is not possible for you to upgrade your computer because it is too expensive or you are not sure of what parts to buy or how to carry out the upgrade there are some other things that you can do to improve the performance of your computer.

DefragmentationYou can use operating system facilities to improve your system’s performance. One example of this is to improve the organisation of the computer’s hard disk (where the operating system and all of your software and data is kept). This is necessary because once you have used a computer system for a while the files on a hard disk can become a bit messed up. This is called fragmentation. The process of fixing fragmentation is defragmentation which reorganises the hard disk so that the files are all in order again.

You can run special software that will examine the computer system and make recommendations on how to make the system perform better. This software is known as diagnostic software, for example, this software may recommend that you carry out a disk cleaning activity where any computer file that is taking up disk space but is no longer used can be removed.

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