Educational and Entertainment Programs

As well as there being productivity computer programs that let you carry out a particular task such as type a letter, there are many other types of computer software, including computer games, graphic manipulations programs, web browsers and many more. Two popular categories of computer programs are educational software and entertainment software.


As you can imagine, educational software covers a wide range of subjects and will allow a person to study almost anything they want using their computer. Educational programs will usually involve a lot of multimedia elements including videos, audio, and colourful graphics as well as text. The programs may contain game elements that challenge the learner and quizzes and tests for the user to complete as they work through the learning materials. Examples of educational software include how to learn a new language, how to use a computer and how to draw.


Another popular software category is that of entertainment software which covers a wide range of software available for all types of computer. An extremely large section of entertainment software involves computer games of which there are thousands of different games which come under many genres, such as shoot-em ups, role playing games, simulations and sports games. However, although games are a major part of entertainment software there are other types of computer program that deal with entertainment, including video and audio software.

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