Computers and Daily Life

Charging Computing DevicesYou will find computers in all aspects of life from education, work and leisure. Many people use computers as part of their day to day life whether that is in school or college, at work or when they are relaxing.

If we took an average day out of a person’s life it is likely that throughout this day that the person will use technology in some way. Perhaps in the morning a person will get up and turn on the television to watch the morning news.

On the way to work they may use their SmartPhone to send text messages to family and friends.

Once in work they may decide to check their emails to help start their working day.

At home they may relax by using their computer to surf the Internet or perhaps use a portable computer to check a social networking site that they use, for example, Facebook.

The use of computers in education is increasingly playing an important role and is likely to increase due to the popularity of light weight yet powerful portable devices, such as tablet computers.

One of the essential skills of modern life is about being able to use computers and computing equipment. This skill has become known as Digital Literacy and in modern times this skill is becoming a must have skill.

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