Career Opportunities for Computer-Literate People

It is hard to imagine a job today where you would not have to make use of technology or a computer. Whether someone works in a bank or a shop it is likely that some sort of technology will be part of the job.

Therefore, in a similar way that literacy and other core skills such as arithmetic ability were needed by someone who wanted a job in the past, digital literacy and computer competence has become the new core skill for the modern workforce.

There are also jobs that are specifically to do with computing that require a high level of computer literacy and skills. Jobs such as computer programming and web site development require advanced computing skills and as a consequence will be well paid jobs.

With the arrival of the Internet and the demand for web access everywhere many jobs require workers to carry out their work outside of a central workplace.

Workers today have to adapt and learn new technology and skills at a greater rate than ever before.

And it is not only software that is changing all of the time, such as the updating and revision of operating systems like Windows, workers have to learn to use an increasing range of hardware in the workplace, including mobile devices such as laptops and other mobile devices.

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