User Identification

One effective way of minimising risks to your computer and the data stored on it is data is to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing your computer. This can be accomplished by setting up accounts for authorised users, giving each user an appropriate level of access. For example, you might want to set up set up user accounts for each member of your family.  You might decide to give yourself full access but restrict the access allowed to younger members of the family.

You can also improve security and restrict unauthorised access by setting up  usernames and passwords. In most businesses, each employee has a unique username and password which they must enter to gain access to their computers. Your password acts as a key to your computer. Anyone who knows it can access your computer and alter or delete data, so it is important to keep it secure. Make sure that no-one can see your password while you are typing it in and do not share it with others. Do not write your password down and leave it in an insecure location. If you think that someone else has found out your password, change it anyone can misuse it.

This YouTube video gives tips on choosing a strong password.

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