Natural Threats

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, can damage your computer. Fires, extreme temperatures and lightning strikes can cause major physical damage and lead to loss of data.

Fire can cause serious damage to your computer. Even if the computer does not actually catch fire, the heat can be enough to damage delicate components. Smoke can damage the CPU fan, causing damage to the CPU due to overheating.

Many components of your computer are designed to operate within a specific range of temperatures. Some components may start to malfunction if they experience excessive heat or cold and you may need to replace them. If your computer has been exposed to extreme temperatures you should let it return to room temperature before starting it again.

Lightning strikes carry a huge electrical charge which can cause a surge. A surge or spike is a sudden increase in voltage, which can cause damage to some components of your computer, including the motherboard, CPU and memory. Modems and routers are often damaged by lightning strikes.

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