Human Threats

Malicious human activity can be a major threat to your computer, for example, a discontented employee may try to tamper with or destroy data on an employer’s computer.

A hacker is someone who tries to access your computer illegally via the Internet. Hackers can steal or damage data stored on your computer. Human errors, such as accidental deletion of data and physical damage, can also be threat to your computer.

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Anyone who has physical access can steal your computer or its components. Laptop theft is now commonplace, but the data stored on the computer can be much more valuable than the hardware itself. Another major problem is identity theft, where a hacker steals your personal information in order to assume your identity. The hacker can then gain access to your finances or carry out illegal activities, such as spamming.

Software piracy involves the theft and unauthorised distribution of a computer program, often via the Internet. Pirated programs often fail to operate correctly and may contain viruses or other malicious programs.

Viruses are computer programs that can damage data or software stored on your computer or steal information. Viruses can infect your computer via the Internet or through storage devices, such as USB drives and CD-ROMs. Worms are viruses that replicate themselves after attacking a computer, making it very difficult to remove them.

A Trojan Horse, or simply Trojan, is a type of virus disguised as useful software, such as a game or a utility. After a Trojan Horse infects your computer it can corrupt or steal data.

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Spyware programs, which can often be installed on your computer without your knowledge, can send out information about your web browsing activities or other personal details.

Internet scams often involve seemingly-attractive offers made via e-mail messages or chat room communication. You should treat any such offers with suspicion as they may be part of well-planned scam designed to part you from your hard-earned cash.

Online predators are individuals who try to lure young people into inappropriate  relationships. They often make contact with their targets by using e-mail, chat rooms or social networking sites.

Computers can easily be damaged due to unintentional human errors. For instance, accidentally deleting an important system file can corrupt data or prevent programs from working correctly. Computer components can be damaged due to carelessness. You should avoid eating or drinking at your computer as spilling of food and drink on storage devices or peripherals can damage them.

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