Intellectual Property and Copyright

A journalist who works for a technology magazine has been asked to write a comparative review of the latest smartphones. While he is researching the article he copies information from some of the websites he has found. He later uses some of this information in his article without quoting the source. After the article has been published he is accused of copyright violation because he has used someone’s intellectual property without the copyright owner’s permission.

You should assume that all information found on the Internet is intellectual property and is legally owned by the person who created it.If you publish an article on a blog or website, that article is your intellectual property and you have the legal right to copy, reproduce or distribute the property and share, sell or give away your rights to the property.

You do not have the right to use intellectual property without the permission of the owner. Even if you have been given permission, your rights to the property may be restricted, depending on the permission given by the owner, for example, permission may only be given to use the property in one specific context. Intellectual property is protected by copyright law and penalties for breaking the law can be severe.

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