Benefits of Digital Technology

Digital technology has changed the way we work, communicate with friends and colleagues, and entertain ourselves. For example, you can now download music or videos from the Internet, using services such as ITunes, Zune, Amazon or Netflix, and play them back on a portable media player, a games console, a mobile phone or a laptop or desktop computer.

You also have the option of recording music and movies to optical media, such as CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs and playing them back using a CD or DVD player, not to mention streaming them direct from the Internet or a computer to a suitably-equipped TV set.

Photography has become an important application area for digital technology. Instead of taking pictures on film, which then needs to be submitted for processing and subsequently printed, we can now use digital cameras that can store images in a digital format.

These digital images can then be transferred to a computer, where editing operations like clipping, resizing and adjustment of colour or brightness can take place. Some editing operations can even be carried out on the digital camera itself.

Rather than printing pictures we can now share them by uploading them to picture-sharing sites, such as Picasa or Flickr, attach them to email messages, or display them on social networking sites like Pintrest or Facebook.

We can also use digital technology to record and share videos, using a range of devices such as camcorders, mobile phones and webcams. Clips can be uploaded to video-sharing web site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and displayed on social networking sites or emailed to contacts.

Video editing software can be used to edit digital video by adding or deleting scenes and applying special effects or transitions between scenes.

Digital technology has also transformed communication, particularly in the business world. Video conferencing is now commonplace, eliminating the need to travel long distances to attend meetings.It can also be useful in a social context, allowing easy communication with friends or family in faraway locations.The only equipment required is a computer with a webcam and microphone and an Internet connection.

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