Features of Digital Devices

A whole range of digital devices now play a major role in our lives:

  • Digital Media Players have become the preferred way of listening to music, much of it downloaded from online music stores. They are becoming increasingly popular for viewing bought or rented videos and for reading e-books.
  • Mobile Phones, particularly Smartphones have become a major mode of communication. They can be used for voice calls, texting and even video calls. Many mobile phones also allow Internet access.
  • Video Games Consoles can obviously be used to pay video games, but many of them also provide Internet access and can play optical media, such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Tablet Computers provide many of the facilities of desktop or laptop systems and can also be used for Internet access and for playing audio or video files.
  • Digital Cameras are used to take pictures which can later be transferred to a computer for editing. They range from simple snapshot cameras to professional models. Most Smartphones can also act as a camera.
  • Digital Videos Cameras can be used to record and store video Older modes often recorded to magnetic tape or optical media – more modern models record to hard disk or flash memory cards.

We’ll look briefly at each of these types of devices in the next few pages.

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