E-Mail Basics

Electronic mail or e-mail is similar to traditional postal service mail. Instead of a pen and a paper, you use a software program to write your message, and a network server takes the place of the postal employee in delivering a message to its recipient. A message can travel halfway around the world in seconds, and in addition to text, it can contain pictures, data files, pictures, audio, and video clips.

You can use e-mail for both personal and business purposes. You can write e-mail messages for sending your greetings, applying for jobs, and other business reasons. When composing e-mail messages, you need to follow certain rules of conduct. These rules are collectively called e-mail etiquette. E-mail etiquette helps you simplify communication and avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation. In this lesson, you will learn about creating and managing e-mail messages. You will also learn about various e-mail etiquettes.

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