•  Network

    A collection of computers and devices connected via communications media and devices such as cables telephone lines or other means

  • World Wide Web

    A connection of websites on networks that link together

  • Web page

    A document that contains text graphics sound and/or video and has built-in connections to other web documents

  • Web Site

    Related collection of web pages

  • Web Browser

    The software program used to access and view Web pages

  • HTTP

    Hypertext Transfer Protocol - language used by your browser to interpret web pages

  • URL

    Uniform Resource Locator - a web page's address

  • E-mail

    Electronic mail - the function of the internet that allows a message to be sent from one user to another

  • ISP

    Internet Service Provider - An organisation that connects users to the internet

  • Domain Name

    The address of the web site. Example: google microsoft etc

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