Manage E-Mail Messages

Imagine that you receive about 30 E-mail messages everyday from different people all over the world. They may be your friends, relatives, or business colleagues. Suppose, you have to take some action this week on an E-mail message you received last week. If you have not organised your E-mail messages, you will likely spend time searching for that particular E-mail message. Just like you organise all your important papers in separate files or folders and discard unwanted papers, you need to organise your E-mail messages. It is always a good practice to read your E-mail messages every day, delete unnecessary ones, and organise the useful E-mail messages in separate folders according to their content.

Most E-mail programs provide various options to manage your E-mail messages. Windows Live Mail is a local E-mail client that comes with Windows 7, and it has a number of tools that help you organise your messages.

Exercise: Use this link to learn how to organise your email messages.

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