This course is designed to introduce you to the use of mobile or handheld devices such as a smartphone, tablet, PDA, portable media player, electronic organiser or data logger, for data capture, processing, exchange and storage.

We will focus mainly on smartphones, tablets and portable media players, as these are the most widely used devices. Devices do not always fit neatly into specific categories. Most smartphones or tablets can also be used as media players and organisers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is nominally a smartphone, but due to its 5.4 inch screen it shares many of the characteristics of a tablet. The Amazon Kindle Fire is marketed as an e-book reader, but also shares many of the characteristics of a tablet.

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  1. Set up mobile a device to meet needs
  2. Input and store data on a mobile device
  3. Transfer data between mobile devices
  4. Maintain the performance of a mobile device

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