Factors Affecting Performance

A number of factors can affect the performance of your mobile device. Batteries don’t last for ever and as they deteriorate they may become less efficient and hold less of a charge. Replacing the battery is a trivial job on most Android devices – simply remove the back, take out the old battery and pop in the new one, making sure that it’s the right way round. Remember to dispose of the old battery carefully – your local authority will probably provide facilities for disposing of old batteries.

Changing the battery in an Apple device is much more difficult, so you’ll probably need to take the device to an Apple shop or a specialised repairer.

If you have several applications running simultaneously performance may be reduced, so  you should close any that are unnecessary. Some android devices have a toolbar that shows what facilities are currently in use, so you can turn off any that aren’t required at present.

Finally, the performance of your device my be affected by interference from wireless telephones or security cameras, fluorescent lights or microwave ovens.

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