Resolving Problems

One of the most important aspects of resolving problems with mobile IT devices is realising that you don’t know everything and will often have to seek outside help. Fortunately, this is available from a number of sources.

The first place to look is any help files installed on the device itself. If you can’t find  the answer there, have a look at the manufacturer’s manual. This may include a Troubleshooting section. Another potential source of information is the manufacturer’s web site, which may have a Support section or a FAQ. Finally, you could have a look at any support forums operated by enthusiasts. These are often run by knowledgeable individuals and if the solution to your problem isn’t already there, they may be prepared to help you find it.

Whatever advice you receive, make sure that it is from a reliable source and that you follow it carefully and accurately. Mistakes made while trying to resolve a problem can make your device totally unusable.

Remember that when asking for help you will need to provide details of the problem. This will normally include the make and model of the problem device, the OS and version number, the symptoms of the problem and details of any error messages received.

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