Creating Products

Although mobile devices are generally used for consumption (eg web browsing, viewing videos or listening to music), these input methods also allow for the creation of products on the device, for example, documents such as text notes or email and files such as sound recording, image or video capture.

Almost all mobile devices come bundled with e-mail apps and web-based email services such as GMail, which can be tightly integrated with Android devices, also work well. On Apple devices the Pages app provides extensive word processing and document creation facilities, while the Garage Band app is excellent for sound recording (follow the link and watch the video). The iPhone’s built-in video camera comes with some excellent software (you can see some video demonstrations here) and if you need more advanced video features, there is a whole range of video recording apps available.

On Android devices the Polaris Office or Documents to Go apps provide extensive word processing and document creation facilities. A wide range of sound recording and video recording apps is available from Google Play.


Click on this link to see an Introduction to Polaris Office. You can find similar videos by searching on YouTube.

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