Transferring Data

© Wai Chung Tang | image20438714You will often need to transfer data between mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers. A number of factors need to be taken into account.You’ll need a secure connection between your mobile device and your computer. This will probably be password controlled and can take a variety of forms, eg cable, Wi-fi, Bluetooth or  infrared. If you want to synchronise data between devices, you’ll also need synchronisation software.

Information can be transferred in various ways, for example, you may export it from one device and import it on another or you might simply drag and drop it. You may use synchronisation software to synchronise libraries of pictures, music or documents.

When transferring data you need to take copyright constraints into account. Some music files can only be stored on a limited number of devices or you make need permission to use other people’s images, including videos.

It’s important when producing anything yourself to avoid plagiarism –  the unauthorised use of other people’s work. You must always acknowledge the source, whether online or offline, of any information used and make sure that you have any permissions required to use it.

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