Start and Close Down an Online IT System

When you start up a computer system, you would normally press a power button, which commonly has this or a similar symbol.

This will start the computer up and it will load the operating system. Common operating systems you may use are Windows, Linux or Apple.

If you are not the sole user of a computer system, you may be asked to log in.

Logging in is a process where you supply a username and password to a system. This might be a username and password combination that you have created for yourself or particularly in an organisation such as a library, college or workplace, you might be given a username and password combination that you should use to log in.

When closing a system down you should shut down from the operating system and not just turn the computer off. When using most popular operating systems, you should:

  • Save all your unsaved work/documents.
  • Click the Start button.
  • Click Shut Down button.

You may also be shown some other options, depending on the operating system version and whether you have unsaved files or open programs.

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