Choose Appropriate Sources of Information

The internet is a vast collection of information and multimedia resources, including images, audio recordings, and video clips. To find relevant information from this vast collection, you can use a search engine.

A search engine is the most common search tool on the Web. The most common search engine is Google. This search engine uses an automated process to search and retrieve information from millions of websites across the world, including government, corporate, and educational Web sites.

Using the correct search phrase and making a decision on where to find information can assist greatly in finding reliable information on the Web. For example, you want to obtain research information from a specialist scientific research paper. Where would you be the best place to find this information?

• An Internet Search Engine?
• A Library?
• An E-book store?

In this case all answers could be potentially correct, however it could be argued that the Library would be the best source. However the Internet Search Engine may be a valid research source, but it is unlikely (though not impossible) that specialist scientific resources would be found on an e-book store.

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