Use Browser Software to Navigate Web Pages

As mentioned previously Google is the most common search engine. Google’s main search engine is located at

This is the way most people use Google. In fact, the verb “to google” means performing a web search. For a default web search, simply go to Google’s home page and type in one or more keywords. Press the Google Search button, and the search results will appear.

Lets try it out. Lets say you are trying to plan your next holiday. You would like to go somewhere that you can play golf in the sunshine. You type “golf” into Google, and you instantly get back results. About 1,350,000,000 results (in 0.27 seconds Google informs you!) So you need to narrow things down.

The first step is to narrow your search by adding search words. How about “golf holiday”? That narrows the search to 206,000,000. Google’s results now show all the pages that contain the search terms “golf” and “holiday.” That means your results will include both pages with golf holiday and holiday golf. There’s no need to type in the word “and.”

Now lets say you wanted to search for golf holidays in Portugal. You could use the search term “golf holiday” +Portugal. What this does is to search for the complete phrase “golf holiday” and then limits the results to those that include the term Portugal.

You can also use the – symbol in a similar way. The – symbol with a search term will not include the word or phrase that comes after. For instance if you were to search for “golf holiday” –France this will not include the word France in the result.

You can of course combine the two, for example you could search for “golf holiday” +Spain –Barcelona. Which would return a search for the phrase “golf holiday” limiting the results to those from Spain and not including Barcelona.

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