Open and Read E-mail Messages

To be able to open an email message, you should first open your email program.

Common email programs include outlook, apple mail and lotus notes. You can also use browser based email, which collectively is called webmail.

To receive an email message using a program, you should first open your e-mail program and log onto your account using your email and password. Once you have supplied your details once, you have the option of storing these details so that you do not need to supply them again. Beware of doing so on a public or shared computer.

If you do not have an email address, follow this guide to help you get set up with one.

With email, messages that are intended for you are stored on your email providers server, waiting for you to come and retrieve them.
When you retrieve your email, unread emails with be tagged or highlighted and you can choose whether to open each message, to delete it, or leave it to read later.

If you are using webmail, you should open the website site URL address supplied by your email supplier, you will normally be required to login.

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