Common Features and Commands

Common Features

Each productivity program will have some common features with other productivity programs, like a menu and tools to help you perform tasks inside the program and produce better quality work. When you open a productivity program for the first time you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Untitled Document

At the top of the screen is the Title bar, when you save a document the name of the document will appear there. At the moment the document is called Untitled Document.

Bold Italics and Underline

Beneath the title bar is the menu bar, it contains a range of menus to help you perform actions. Actions are grouped together into menus, for example the Format menu helps you change the font size and style of the text you type, it can also help you change the way the text looks in bold, in italics or underlined.

You should take some time to look around the menus to find out where things are and experiment with some of the actions you can perform in each menu.

For menu actions you use a lot you can display toolbars, these contain common actions you might want to perform when using the productivity program. Menus and toolbars will be different for each productivity program, so it is best to look at each one when you first open the program to find out how they can help you.

The largest space on the screen inside a productivity program is called the work area. This is where you will put most of your information or data. You also have scroll bars on the side and bottom to help you move around your information, especially if it has lots of pages.

Some productivity program also have a status bar which gives information about your data, such as what page you are on, how many words you have typed and if is being saved. This can provide valuable information to you when entering your data, however, it varies with the productivity program you are using.

Most of the time; you will be using the keyboard to enter data and the mouse for pointing at things on the screen in the productivity program. There are also advanced keyboard options you can use too, which provide shortcut keys for doing certain actions in the program as you enter data.

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