Productivity Program Functionality

Productivity Program Icons

A productivity program is computer software that is designed to allow a user to carry out a particular task. Examples of tasks include writing a letter, managing a household budget, preparing and giving a presentation and managing data about a CD music collection. Each of these example tasks requires its own specialised productivity program to carry it out.

During this course we will look at four major types of productivity program.

The following table describes some common productivity programs.

Program Name Description
Word Processors This type of program works with words and is used to create documents such as letters and reports.
Spreadsheets This type of program works with numbers and calculations and is used to create budgets and accounts.
Database This type of program works with data and is used to store and manipulate information about things such as customers and DVD collections.
Presentation This type of program works with words, pictures and sounds and is used by people to help them give talks about things.

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