Printing Activity

Computer KeyboardIn this activity you are going to enter some data including some calculations into a spreadsheet and a chart. You will then go through the process of printing the spreadsheet and chart. However, rather than actually getting a hard copy of your spreadsheet and graph you are going to use the computer’s printscreen facility to get a screenshot of the settings you have chosen on the print dialog menu.

Note: Although there is no need to actually print out your spreadsheet and graph you can do so if you wish and are connected to a suitable printing device.

Type in the spreadsheet details shown below. Widen the columns as appropriate.

Item Quantity Price Stock Value
Blood Capsules



Scary Spider



Vampire Teeth



Lecter Mask



Ghost Costume



Magic Wand



Enter a suitable formula under Stock Value and copy the formula to the appropriate cells.

Use the facilities of the spreadsheet package to create a suitable graph.

Save the spreadsheet as Halloween Stock

Go through the process of printing the spreadsheet and graphic and get a printscreen of the print dialog box.

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