Tabs, Groups and Commands

Many productivity programs make use of tabs as a way of organising documents or commands. The picture shows a row of tabs called View, Profile, Career, Assignment and Details. At the moment the user is working with the View tab because it is highlighted. If you wanted to work with the profile tab you would click on it and that would make this the active tab and bring all of the information on it to the front.

Program Tabs

Productivity programs may look different depending on the operating system that they work with. An operating system is special software that allows a user to use computer equipment. Examples of operating systems are Windows, Linux and Google Chrome. The document shown below is a word processor document working under the Google operating system.

Blank Document

As well as using command on tabs or on the command menus it is possible to activate commands using keyboard combinations, for example, to open a new document you hold down the [Ctrl] key (Control) and press the letter o.

The look of the productivity program will depend on which particular program you are using.

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