Toolbar Buttons


As well as being able to click on menu items to get the productivity program to do what you want it to do, such as get help with something, you can also click on the buttons that appear on the toolbar. These buttons take the form of small icons that include a picture of what will happen when you click on them.

Some popular buttons can be used to add special effects to the words you have entered. To add a special effect to text, for example, underline text, highlighted the text area you want to apply the effect to, and click on the effect. To mark text you can either hold down and drag the mouse, or you can hold down the [Shift] key and use the appropriate arrow key.

Note 1: The [Shift] key is denoted by a big arrow on the key, i.e. Up Arrow Every keyboard should have two [Shift] keys.

Note 2: When you are using the Google word processor, the Up Arrow can be inserted by clicking on Insert, then clicking on Special Characters and looking for the character and then clicking on the Insert button. Try it!

Once an area has been highlighted you can click on

B – for Bold
I – for Italics
U – for underline

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