Basic Tasks

When you first start working with a word processor you need to know some simple things about entering text in the work area – remember your word processor has some of those common features we talked about earlier, like menus, toolbars and work area where you will enter your text.

Blank Document

Most word processors, start on the left side of the work area – you will see a flashing line (cursor). This means start typing here.

You can type some text using your keyboard and then press the [Enter] key to move to a new line. Your word processor may do this for you it knows to automatically to move down to the next line in the work area if you keep typing text across the page.

You can use the scroll bars on the right side of the work area to move up and down your document –your first one might be quite small, but if you had a very large document you might need the scroll bars to move up and down through it.

If you make a mistake in your document, the word processor will tell you especially if it is a spelling mistake as it underlines the misspelled word in red.

The language tools will also help you with grammar, translation, word count and has a thesaurus to help you select other words with a similar meaning.

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