Edit and Format Text

Word Processor

Once the word processor has loaded you can start to type words in straight away. The place on the blank page where your typing will appear is shown by a flashing bar (|) called the Insertion Point. Some people call it the Cursor.

You can use the Arrow Keys (Cursor Keys) to move around a word processed document you have typed in.

When you are typing text into a Word Processor there are three main rules for you to follow:

1. ONLY press the [Enter] key when you
• Come to the end of a paragraph
• Want a new line.
• Want a blank line.

2. ONLY put one space between words.

3. Use two spaces after a full stop and only one after a comma.

Note: The [Enter] key is sometimes referred to as the [Return] key.

If you need to change words, or want to move text around in your document work area, you can use several different ways to do this.

You could use your mouse to move to the word, or sentence you want to change and use the delete key to remove the words you do not like.

You could use the edit menu’s commands to cut the words. You still need to move your mouse to the words you want to remove, but you use the left mouse button to highlight the words and then click on the right mouse button to bring up the menu – this is called a sub menu and it is a shortcut way of cutting and pasting text in your document. Try it – look at all the things you can do once you highlight the text.

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