Tables and Pictures

An example of a table that has two columns and five rows is shown below. The columns have the headings Program Name and Description and the rows contain the name of four productivity programs and a description of each.

Word Table

When you are familiar with typing and editing text in your document work area you may want to add in other things into your text document. You can do lots of different things like add bullet points or numbers to create lists, add a table or insert a picture or graphics. To add these you need to use some of the other menus like Insert which allows you add pictures, charts and clip art.

The table menu allows you to add a table to your document – this is useful if you have figures to add in like a sales report of monthly sales. You can also use the Format menu to add borders and shading to your table, to highlight it in your document – remember not to use too much colour if you only print to a black and white printer, as colours will not show up on a printed copy.


You can also add a picture or pictures to your word processed document. In most word processors this can be achieved by choosing Insert from the menu and then Picture or Image. You will then have the option of opening your picture and then choosing an OK button or an Insert button.

A word processor is a very powerful tool, it many advanced features which can make you documents look better.

Most modern word processors allow you to make use of templates to help you design your document, many come with your word processing program and they can help you create simple documents to fancy newsletters or web pages.

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