Magnifying Glass

Modern word processors are quite advanced when it comes to helping users with tricky spelling and grammar. In some cases the word processor will automatically change an incorrect spelling to a correct spelling, e.g. “muose” to “mouse”. The word processor will allow users to carry out a more advanced spell check on the complete document and will offer different spellings of words and allow the user to choose the one they want to use.

The word processor may also highlight problems with grammar, such as missing full stops and sentences that do not quite make complete sense, e.g. “The ball kicked the football player.”

Some word processors may not find some errors that have been typed because the spell checker views them as being correct, for example, the word “pull” rather than “pool” in the following sentence is a mistake yet it is spelled correctly – “The swimming pull is closed for repairs.”

Therefore, although the word processor can help out with proof reading, it is very important that you proof read a document yourself before you use it.

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