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The need for the printing of hard copy documents, such as, spreadsheets, has declined because people are sharing their documents electronically. However, it is useful to know how to use the different options available to you if you want a hard copy of your spreadsheet.

Print Settings

You can choose which layout you’d like the printout to be. Common choices are between Portrait and Landscape.

You can choose to print the entire spreadsheet or you can choose to print a selection. If you decide to print a selection of the spreadsheet it is a good idea to select the area you want to print before you go to the print option on the file menu.

Warning – Before you Print!
Because the data in a spreadsheet is in rows and columns you need to think about how you are going to print your work area. Sometimes you may need to adjust the spaces or reduce the size to get all of the columns and rows on one page and if you cannot you will need to decide how you want your work area to look when printed – with lines or without.

Note: You can also use the key combination of Ctrl and P to bring up the print options.

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