Elements of a Presentation Program

When you start the presentation program, you are given a work area, some common commands and menus, just like the other programs we looked at. You are also given a blank slide to start with.

Presentation Slide 1

You will notice your work area is split into two, on the left you have an area where your slides are displayed one after another. This is your outline area and you can either see the slides you create or just the text on them by clicking the outline tab at the top of this area.

The larger area is where the current slide is displayed for you to work on and it has two sections, one for working on your slide and one underneath for adding presentation notes – this is useful if you’re the presenter and need to say additional information.

You will notice you also have some extra menus and commands like slide show, animations, design, which help add special effects and colours to your slides. You can pick from several different slide designs – try some of them out.

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