Create a Presentation

Presentation Board

Before you create a presentation you should decide who your presentation is for. What people do you want to give your presentation to? These people are known as your audience.

You then have to think about how many slides you are going to have and what they will look like. It is a good idea to choose one of the existing themes and work with this at the start.

Create a new presentation in Google Docs by choosing Create and then presentation.

Look through the themes that are available and click on the one you want to use and then click the OK button.

A new screen should appear showing you the first slide which should be empty apart from areas where you can enter some information. Because this is the first page, you should type in the title of the presentation as My First Presentation and add your name underneath. You can adjust the size of the text and the boxes if you want.

You can now add a second slide by clicking on Slide on the menu and choosing New Slide. (You could have also pressed the key combination [Ctrl] and N to so the same thing).

On the second page type a heading called My Favourite Things and in the main body make a list of the following:

Favourite Movie – Type your favourite here.
Favourite Band – Type your favourite here.
Favourite Food – Type your favourite here.
Favourite Place – Type your favourite here.

To view your presentation click on View and then Start Presentation. You can now use the Page Up and Page Down keys or your mouse to move through your presentation.

Save your presentation as My First Presentation.

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