Database Records

Database Record

Because database tables can get very large and finding data can be difficult, many database programs allow you to create forms for displaying and entering data. If you wanted to see a record in a database and you knew the Customer Id Number you could type that into the form and it would display the record for you.

A database form is also a useful way of allowing people to enter data into a table easily. Forms can be designed for data entry too and have special rules called validation rules set on each field to stop people entering the wrong data.

Database Form

You can also reorganise the data in the tables by sorting it. You may decide that you want to see all of the names of the people in the table in alphabetical order. To do this you would do what is called an ascending sort, which means that all of the people with the surnames beginning with the letter A will be shown before those with the letter B.

You may also decide to sort on numerical values. Once again you can choose between ascending and descending. If you choose descending the number values will be shown from the largest to the smallest.

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