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Diary and Pencil

The word Blog is short for Web Log. A blog is basically a special online diary that you keep about a particular thing. It may be a personal diary where every so often you add a message about what you have been doing or it may be a blog about one of your interests, such as music.

Web logs are usually set up so that the latest news is as the top and all of your other messages come after it. You can add multimedia to a blog post in the form of pictures, videos, sounds and links to other web sites.

It is up to you to decide whether your blog in private or not and who can see it. You may decide that it is only you that can view it, but this wouldn’t be very social so it is more likely that you will let your friends see your blog. Some bloggers let the entire world see their blog and allow people to make comments on the blogs entries that they have made.

You can also set up and use a microblog. This is a special type of blog and is called micro because you can only type a limited number of letters into the blog entry, for example, 140 letters. An example of a microblog site is Twitter.

It is said that blogs exist in a special part of the web called the blogosphere. There are many millions of blogs in the blogospere, with more being created every day.

Current examples of blogging web sites are Blogger, WordPress and TypePad.

Have a look at more information about the Twitter microblogging here.

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