Social Community Sites

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It is perhaps in this area where most social networking takes place.

There are social community sites, such as FaceBook and MySpace, that allow people to build relationships and communicate about what is happening in their personal lives and about things that interest them. You can use this type of site to keep up with the latest news from your family, friends and contacts as well as add your own news.

This type of web site is becoming more and more widespread with people having many online accounts.

Nowadays, a popular way to access social communities is using a mobile device, such as a SmartPhone. You can use the full multimedia functions of the mobile device to interact with your account, such as taking pictures and uploading them instantly or filming a video and posting this to your page with perhaps a text message.

Current examples of social community web sites are FaceBook, MySpace and Google Plus+.

Have a look at more information about FaceBook here.

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