Virtual World Sites

Second Life

This type of social networking site works as a three dimensional virtual world where you can move about as a computer character called an avatar. You can choose what your character looks like. You can move your character around the virtual world by using keys on the keyboard and your mouse.

There are many different places to visit in the virtual world and many different characters to meet and talk to. Some places are laid out to look like real places as much as possible, for example, you may decide to visit a famous attraction like the Eiffel Tower. Other places in the virtual world are completely made up.

When you are in the virtual world you can talk to the other people you meet as you go from place to place. You can communicate by gestures and words, and in some cases you can connect a microphone and talk to other characters using your own voice.

Current examples of virtual world web sites are Second Life, World of WarCraft and Playstation 3 Home.

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