Activity: Post a Message

Posting a Message

The following activities require you to register with FaceBook and Blogger if you do not already have accounts.

Note: You may choose to alternative social networking websites if you discuss it first with your lecturer.

Log in to FaceBook.
Add at least two contacts to your friends list who are in the same class as you. Add all of the class if this is possible.
Post a message that gives short answers to the following questions.
1. You have received a message on a social network from someone claiming to be a system administrator asking for your user name and password to help test security on the site. What should you do?
2. Someone has posted an offensive comment on one of your blog entries. What should you do about this?
3. You have came across a statement in a blog that you do not agree with. What should you do?
Finish your post by asking your friends to post a comment on your message.
Get a printscreen of your post along with the comments.
Log in to Blogger
Upload your Facebook printscreen along with a suitable heading and post this as a blog entry.

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