Create an Online Profile.

Social Networking Profile

In order to create your social networking identity or profile you must first go to the appropriate web site, such as Blogger. Once there you will be able to register with the web site. If you want to use the site you must register. The registration process will ask you to complete certain information about yourself which may include your name and address and date of birth. There may be a list of things that you have to complete. However, normally only the most important ones to complete will be highlighted in some way, usually with a red asterix. When you complete these you may be asked to read and enter a special code called a Captcha to prove that you are a person and not a computer. When you have correctly typed in the code you will be able to click a button called register now or submit details. If you have entered all of the information correctly the registration process should complete and you will now have an online profile with that social networking site.

When you start using social networking websites your online profile will probably be quite basic containing your online user name and some back ground details that you were required to complete when you created your account.

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