Send Messages to Others

Exchanging Messages

One of the things you may wish to do on a social networking site is to add messages for your friends to see. Many of the sites allow you to preview your messages before you post them. This means that you are able to see what your message looks like before you post it.

Once you have posted a message all of your contacts will be able to look at your message and even comment on it.

You can set up the main page of your community social networking site to show you all of the latest posts from your contacts. You will see the most recent messages first and will be able to review older messages if you wish. Your contacts will be able to do the same and will be able to see any new message that you post.

You can also send messages using a microblog. This is a special type of blog that is called micro because you can only type so many characters into the blog entry. Typically this is 140 characters. This means that you have to think very carefully about what you type so that you can get the message across that you wish and still stay within the necessary word limit. An example of a microblog site is Twitter. Messages posted using Twitter are called Tweets.

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