Create a Social Group

Group of people

A group on a social networking web site is similar to a group that you could join in real life where people meet face to face to pursue a common interest. A group within a social networking site differs because although the people who get together in the group share a common interest they do not necessarily have to meet face to face or communicate in real time.

Once you join a social networking site you have the option to join a group that other users have created or to create your own. It is always a good idea to have a look at the groups that are there already to see what things you can do within a group. Some groups will be open to everyone to go to, look at and contribute. These groups are called Public groups, while some other groups will be closed and will only be accessible by people who have asked to join and have met certain criteria for this. These groups are called Private groups.

Most social networking sites allow users to search for groups by having an option within the search to type a keyword that would identify the interest area of the group, while other sites include a listing of various heading under which groups area organized. For example, there may be a group called Pets and within this heading there may be separate groups on Dogs, Cats and Hamsters.

When you have decided what your group is going to be about you should populate it with some interesting media. At the start this may be some text giving some information about the group, perhaps some pictures and a few links to web sites of interest.

The nest step is getting people interested enough so that they want to either visit your group or join your group. Needless to say, that the more people who join a group mean that the group is more likely to be successful. You should start off with sending invitations tyo friends and contacts that you already have who you think may be interested in the group and you could ask them to spread the word. You could also advertise the existence of your new group on groups that you are already a member of. But don’t worry too much about contacting every person who may be interested in your particular group because by the very nature of social networking, if you make a good group then people will talk about it and by “word-of-mouth” the news of a good group will gather many new members.

You should organise your group so that it is updated regularly and that people who visit will find it interesting and what they are looking for.

Once you have created a group you are known as a group administrator. This means that you have more rights and can do more things with your group than ordinary members. For example, you may decide to ban someone from your group if they continually misbehave or act inappropriately.

You need not manage a group on your own you can get together with friends and get their help to share the administration.

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