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It is possible to post a comment on someone else’s message or post.

Remember, that this is not quite the same as you sending messages to others on the site or adding a personal entry of your own, such as a blog entry.

Once you post a comment to a message the original user may reply or others may reply to your comment or the original message. This can lead to some interesting conversations which could start other conversations. These are known as threads.

When you type in a message in to a comment area you must be careful what you say. The set of rules that people who use social networking sites should follow is called netiquette. You can think of this as bring similar to the good manners that you would follow when you are carrying out a face to face conversation. Many of the rules of netiquette are based on common sense such as not including offensive or abusive language in a post. It is important to understand that if someone decides to use inappropriate or abusive language that they may be reported and that depending on the severity of their post may be liable to criminal prosecution.

As well as following the general rules of netiquette you can add some special characters or letter combinations to your posts to make sure that your message is understood properly. For example, you may be joking about something but when someone reads the message they do not realize that you meant it as a joke. The help you get you message across you could add what is known as a Smiley “:-)” This was the way that people added smilies to their messages before the picture smilies were available. If you turn your head a little you should see that the letters kind of resemble a smiley on its side, that is, the : are the eyes, the – the nose and the ) being the smile.

Smiley’s are also known as Emoticons and are a way of adding some visual information to your post.

Another way to add additional information to a post is to use three letter acronyms (TLAs). These are usually three letters that are used at the end of a message that are short for three longer words.

Some examples of TLAs are:

CUL – See you later
LOL – Laughing out loud
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
BTW – By the way
IMO – In my opinion

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